Establishments of European Union

European Commission - official website:

It was established in 1967 as an executive body of Communities. The Commission administers the budget and structural funds. Moreover it ensures that EU law is obeyed. Members (one for member state, that is 27 currently) are nominated for five years. Every commissioner has different field to look after. The seat is located in Brussels and meetings take place every week.

European Parliament - official website:

First election to the Parliament took place in 1979. Currently there are 785 members, elected for five years. The division of seats is proportional to the number of citizens of the country. Parliament possesses legislative function. Its duty is also to control executive authority. The official seat is placed in Strasbourg, nevertheless Secretariat is situated in Luxembourg and it happens that meetings took place in Brussels.

Council of the European Union - official website:

It is decision-making authority and legislative body. It is composed of 27 ministers (one per state), each of them representing the same resort - accordingly to the issues which are to be discussed. Debates are secret and take place in Brussels or Luxembourg. Presidency is changed every 6th month and president comes from the country, that currently presides EU meetings.

Court of Justice of the European Communities - official website:

It was created in 1953 and it is based in Luxembourg. Currently it consists of 27 judges (one for each member state) and 8 barristers - elected every 6th year. Court of Justice acts as an international and constitutional court (it checks whether acts published by EU establishments are in accordance with the law). Its sentences are final. In processes natural person, country or European Commission may act as suitor. Countries belonging to European Union are obligated to obey sentences of the Court. French remains official language.

European Court of Auditors - official website:

It has worked since 1977. Its duty is to control funds of all EU establishments. The court consist of 27 members (one per state) delegated by the Council of the European Union every 6th year. Among themselves they choose President for 3 year. This job cannot be joined with another, nevertheless re-election is possible. The seat is situated in Luxembourg.